The winter months are upon us once again and we need to make sure we gear up for the winter. Gearing up for winter includes doing many things. Stocking up on vitamins is a good idea because the cold winter months often bring on colds and flu. Taking the right vitamin supplements can help you stay healthy.

Two of the most essential and most powerful vitamin partnerships are the group of eight vitamins that make up the nutritional powerhouse that is collectively known as the Vitamin B complex and the group of three vitamins that are known as the antioxidant vitamins. In addition to these, there are varieties of other combinations of vitamins that serve essential purposes within the body thus preserving health and enhancing function.

If you just want a good multivitamin that will help you combat colds and flu over the winter months, try NPL Immune Pro +, NPL Vita C + or NPL Vita Pack 30 Sachets

For those who need a little extra immune boost for their workouts in the cold months, there are stronger options available such as NPL Vita Sport.


Go out and buy a humidifier for your home. During the winter months homes can become very dry and having a humidifier can greatly help to keep your home filled with moisture.

Make sure to buy plenty of moisturizing lotions and lip balms. Skin can become very dry during the cold winter months and lips can become chapped. You can avoid these things by putting plenty of lotion and lip balm on. Warm bedding can help you stay warm during the winter season. You may also want to get your furnace checked out. The last thing you want is for your heat to go out during the winter months.

Taking care of your body will determine how your winter goes. Good health and a good environment will result in a good winter.

Masheane Sefuthi