Our experience hold value in numerous designed facilities, these include hotels, corporates, apartments, private in-home & start up commercial gyms.

What we Offer:

Equipment Procurement

We hold strong relationships with various fitness manufacturers securing low pricing and therefore passing the savings to our customers.

360 degree service allows us to stay within the perimeters of space, layout, budget and target market.

Facilities Re-design and Development

Current Facility: Fully Services re-design facility packages. We review your current facility and provide the best recommendation on improvement and upgrades

Development: We work alongside your architects, contractors, & building management from development to facility completion. Managing unforeseen obstacles or complications, enhance the vision & ensuring the highest ROl for our clients.

Fitness centre & Home gym Design

Fitness Centre: Equipment plans, flooring specifications, suggested materials / finishes, audio & visual recommendations, logistics, locker spec and procurements.

Home: We work directly with our clients selecting the state of the art equipment based on budget & space requirements