360 Fitness Offers various finance options tailored to your needs. 

Key Benefits of Financing your Gym Equipment:

No Upfront Investment

Gym Equipment can be a costly capital expense that needs to be planned for well in advance. It might take a year or two for enough capital to be raised to purchase the required assets.

Your money is tied to the asset until it’s one day sold or disposed of, and even so it depreciates in value everyday you use it.

When your capital is not tied up in assets or equipment, you can better manage cash flow and pursue opportunities you may not have been able to before

 Reduce Long Term Expenses

Services need to occur regularly, parts may need to be changed and technology must be upgraded to keep up with the times. So it is safe to say, maintenance costs on expensive equipment can be unpredictable.

However, with asset finance, all maintenance is included in your monthly repayment fee which makes budgeting and managing your cash flow a much more predictable task. 

 Tax Saving

Asset finance is a tax deductible while equipment purchased upfront is subject to a depreciated rate for its entire lifespan.

Equipment rental finance expenses tend to be more flexible than major capital-expense purchases. They could be written off as project expenses in some cases or may have a tax-deduction benefit depending on the nature of your business.

 Added Flexibility

Asset finance is a flexible way to acquire new equipment, especially when it’s in partnership with trusted equipment finance partners. This allows you to easily upgrade your equipment the moment it becomes Obsolete. 

 Allows you to Re-Create your dream business

Due to the fact you will not be limited to cash flow or any massive upfront expenses, you can now purchase exactly what you need for your facility without having to have the necessary cash on hand. 

 No Hidden Costs

Servicing and all other maintenance costs are wrapped up into one monthly payment so it makes budgeting so much easier as there will never be any hidden costs.