The end of off-peak starts with LES MILLS Virtual.

Using state-of-the-art software, LES MILLS Virtual takes the same world-class workouts that move millions and transforms them into cinematic-quality on-demand group fitness experiences. All within your four walls.

Unlock the proven power of LES MILLS Virtual to turbocharge live group fitness attendance, utilize your studio space around the clock, and meet the modern members’ growing demands for flexibility and convenience.


World-class workouts, virtually anytime.

• A proven tactic to turbocharge live group fitness attendance and grow new member confidence

• Members can enjoy highly motivating and effective workouts any time

• Boost your studio space ROI by maximising your assets in off-peak times

• Drive retention and acquisition by meeting modern member expectations for flexible, convenient workouts

• Plug entirely new audiences into the motivational power of group fitness

• Bolster your timetable with a meatier group fitness offering to increase member visits

• Never cancel a class again. Use LES MILLS Virtual as a backup instead of cancelling a Live class due to unforeseen circumstances.