LES MILLS SHAPES is a low-impact strength-based workout inspired by Pilates, barre & power yoga. This is a dynamic full-body and targeted workout that uses small, controlled movements and repetition to sculpt and strengthen all areas of the body. Suitable for all fitness levels, we find the hot spot and stay there for as long as possible to challenge strength, coordination, and flexibility.

We have you covered with the best playlist to keep you in the zone. You will progress through a sequence of 6 x 45 minute workouts targeting all your major muscle groups using small, intense, high-rep moves. You’ll push muscles to their limit with pulses, holds and ab work, using your own body weight and/or small equipment.


The workouts are structured in progressive, science-backed phases and will help you:

  • Build strength without lifting
  • Full body low-impact / high-output training
  • Sculpts and strengthens all areas of the body
  • Improve postural alignment and flexibility

Just getting started?

LES MILLS SHAPES is inclusive and thoughtfully sequenced - this class is designed for all abilities. Get ready for the workout you never knew you needed - proving there are more ways to sweat than one.