If you're bored or unmotivated by your fitness routine -- or just starting a new exercise program, 360 Fitness Solutions Workout Plan has arrived! Re Engineered to accommodate your individual needs whether it be attaining a healthy lifestyle, or simply wanting to drop a few pounds of stubborn fat.

What does a body transformation mean to you?? Overcoming the most common obstacles that people encounter during body transformations and what to expect during this process. The fact is that even the smallest changes matter, so keep going one step at a time! It would be so much easier if someone would define what body transformation is. There is no straightforward answer to that! As each person is different, the concept of body transformation also depends on unique individual factors. For some people, body transformation might mean losing 30 kg of fat, gain 10 kg of muscle mass or do both, while for others losing 2 kg of fat is more than enough and makes a lot of difference.

With 360 Fitness Solutions, workout plans you perceive our own body image differently than others perceive you, so the definition of your body transformation is decided by you & the choice of your workout plan depending on individual goal. The success of your body transformation depends only on you, your mind needs to start changing right now.

Our 4 Vital ingredients to a successful body transformation: 

  1. Focus
    • Measuring your progress - this could be your weight, girth measurements, overall mood and energy, and your habits. This allows you to make changes as necessary, so you know what’s working and what’s not.
    • Targets - setting smaller, mini targets along the way helps to break down what may feel like a huge journey ahead of you.  Nobody climbs Mt Everest in one day.  There are several ‘camps’ and ‘checkpoints’ along the way to break up the journey and retain focus on the prize at hand.  Create your own ‘camps’ and ‘checkpoints’ to make your weight loss journey easier. 
    1. Consistency
      • Being consistent is about being consistent overall and not aiming for perfection.
      • Remember, perfection doesn’t exist when losing weight.  Consistency is never missing twice, not aiming for perfection and if you truly want a successful body transformation in 2021, consistency is vital. 

    1. Knowledge
      • Knowledge is important for weight loss, providing you act on what you know. This is exactly where people fall short.
        Here’s a list of the basics you need to know and understand to lose weight.
      • Calories - Understanding calorie intake and how many calories are in certain foods is an absolute game changer.  Take the picture above, for example.  Most people think "healthy" is few calories but that's not always the case.  The moment you begin tracking your food and realising how many calories you’re consuming is the moment you fast track your weight loss.
      • Weight training - Understanding why weight training is so important to transforming your body will shape (physically and metaphorically) your habits and lifestyle.
      • Psychology - Understanding your OWN inner thoughts will seriously change your life.  I am recommending reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Having knowledge of WHY you act and behave the way you do is so important to your overall success.
      • Macronutrients - This one could come under the same umbrella as calories but once you know what a protein, carbohydrate and fat is, and their individual roles in the body, you’ll have a deeper understanding of why you need to eat more protein.  Having knowledge of what macronutrients are all about will provide clarity on what foods are most important to you and your needs. 
    1. Ownership
      • This might be last, but it’s certainly not least.
    Masheane Sefuthi