Build up your home gym from scratch. You can save on costs, enjoy your privacy while you work out, and exercise whenever you want. You won’t need to worry about braving traffic after work or heading to the gym before you get started at the office. Enjoy more flexibility when you only need to walk a few steps to get to your machines. For must-have machines, check out the following home fitness equipment options.


Dumbbells are ideal if you’re looking for something for all-around workouts. You need to have at least one pair to help you get started. Once you do, you can start working on your squats and swings.

If you’re looking for cross-training gear, then give ellipticals a try. Plenty of these options come with adjustable lateral movement that could help you achieve your fitness goals.


Cardio-exercises improve circulation and improve your endurance. You can shop for treadmills at affordable price points. For space-saving options, you can look for treadmills ...
... that can be folded up.

Recovery after an injury can be tough. You can heal much faster, though, if you exercise and work your muscles. Trainers are a low-impact exercise machine that is ideal for cardiovascular workouts. Give it a try to see how it can help your health.

Strength Machines

From a leg press machine to a lateral raise option and more, you can have your pick of strength equipment on the market. With plenty of options, it would be wise to check out each one in greater detail.


Your home gym won’t be complete without the proper flooring. The mats protect your floor from scratches and dents, as well as from hard-use from your equipment. You can pick from commercial gym options, grade smooth gym mat rubber flooring choices, and more.

Weight Bars
You can use a discovery weight tree as a handy storage space for all your weight plates. That’s much easier than putting them all in a corner. It’s easy to lose track of where things are when you’re busy, distracted, or in a hurry. You can trip over those plates on your way out your door. Minimize accidents in your home with proper storage options for your weights.


Work on your muscles and endurance with a bench press. That’s also one way to get the abs you want. If you plan on targeting your upper body, then this is one of the best machines for you.

Squat Press

If you want to work on your quadriceps or quads, though, there’s no better option than squat presses. These are suited to your fitness goals. They also work on your hamstrings and glutes.

Leg Press

The leg press is quite similar to a squat press. It stimulates your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The difference between the two is that squats require you to engage other muscle groups, like your hips and abs. If you want to concentrate on your legs, though, the leg press is much more suited to your needs.

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