As a gym owner, you feel your gym has been running well for a few years, but suddenly you are facing rising repair costs. Investments in high-quality equipment will make it much easier to keep your customers happy but you don't always have the opportunity to do that when your facility is just starting out.

Making sure your equipment is structurally sound and in good condition is a requirement that should not be overlooked. As more and more commercial gyms and facilities push for sales and new members the focus changes from inward looking to external. Budgets are spent on marketing and sales staff with less and less being spent on infrastructure maintenance.

A good maintenance plan that is well executed can increase the life of your gym and fitness equipment by up to 60 percent. Equipment has a limited life span, so if you pay close attention to preventive maintenance, keep track of your equipment's performance, and keep up to date with warranty work, you can save significantly by spending the required time on each piece of Equipment and improving its functionality, so you're ahead of any problems that may arise.

Outsourcing these functions including Servicing, General Maintenance and Repairs relieves the pressure from your core focus of growing your business.  While not all gym owners have the luxury of buying top-end gym and fitness equipment with a higher initial payment, the total cost of ownership on equipment needs to be taken into account. 

Talk to us about a tailored Servicing Plan along with a structured Repair Plan so you can forecast the longevity of your Equipment but more importantly the cost of maintaining long term.

Riaaz Jeena
Tagged: Repair Service