Sole Fitness E25 Home Use Elliptical


Introducing the Upgraded Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical

Experience the enhanced features and improved design to help you achieve your fitness goals. Plus, with the SOLE+ app integration, you can easily track your progress and stay motivated!

The Sole E25 is an outstanding elliptical machine available at a fantastic price. It boasts an impressive weight capacity of approximately 150 kilograms. Additionally, the E25 features a stride length of approximately 50.8 centimetres and has 8 preloaded programs. The motion synchronisation between the handles and pedals ensures a smooth and fluid workout experience. This elliptical is an excellent home-use choice, offering good stability and preventing rocking during your workout.

The Screen & Console

The 2023 E25 boasts an electronic console with a vibrant white backlit 7.5″ LCD display. Other impressive features include: A built-in cooling fan, Water bottle holder, Functionality in both forward and reverse motion and Built-in speakers compatible with your media device for an enjoyable workout experience.

Integrated Tablet Holder

Stay connected and entertained during your workout with the integrated tablet holder, perfect for watching shows or following your workout routines. The E25 also includes a USB port for convenient charging and Bluetooth Audio Speakers, allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes while exercising. Don’t forget to connect to the SOLE+ app to track your fitness goals and progress!


Cooling Fans

Bluetooth Speaker Compatible

Water Bottle Holder

Sound System

USB Device Charging

7.5" LCD Workout Display

Built-In Heart Rate Reciever

Tablet/Phone Holder

The 2023 E25 Elliptical has undergone significant upgrades, making it a standout choice within the market. One of its remarkable features is the power incline, which provides additional resistance and flexibility. With up to 20 different incline levels, you can target and engage all your major lower-body muscle groups, enhancing the effectiveness of your workouts.

Designed in collaboration with a prominent physical therapist and sports enthusiast, this elliptical offers unique foot pedals with a 2-degree inward slope. This design reduces stress on the ankles and knees, ensuring a more comfortable and natural motion during workouts.

For a full-body workout, the E25 comes equipped with handles for upper-body engagement, allowing you to work on your arms, shoulders, and chest while maintaining balance. Additionally, the elliptical features stationary handlebars with built-in pulse sensors, enabling you to monitor your heart rate and stay within your desired workout intensity zone.

The E25’s four rear wheels ride on heavy-duty rails, ensuring a smoother and more stable feel during workouts. This design minimizes side-to-side foot pedal motion, providing a consistent and secure exercise experience. With its comprehensive features and thoughtful design, the Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical is a fitness companion that promotes a safe, comfortable, and effective workout experience for you.