Primal Pro Series Coloured Bumper


  • Contoured chamfered edgings and grip handles with double knurling on the inner and outer plate edges for easier handling and barbell loading
  • Benefits include easier pick up off the floor, performing plate carries and ground to overheads (GTOH)
  • Constructed from high density virgin rubber for a premium long-lasting finish
  • Delivers consistent dead-bounce performance
  • Stylish new Primal 3D branding with both embossed and debossed markings
  • Thinner plates for increased loading capability
  • Denominations shown in both KG and LBs
  • All plates 450mm diameter with precise fit 50mm brushed stainless steel rounded center ring
  • Raised centre also protects steel centre ring with embossed "Strength. Its in us all"
  • Within +/-1% weight tolerance